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I started my journey of massage therapy because, I for majority of my life have suffered from chronic pain and migraines. After taking every medication possible to cure my pain when I was a teenager, I decided to do my own research into holistic medicine and instantly was fascinated.

After my second massage I was laying there thinking how truly amazing it was that you could heal someones pain just by touch. My life changed after that and I knew this was exactly what I was meant to do. To be able to provide people with healing relief but also share my knowledge and promote a healthier life with massage therapy. 

I decided 5 years ago that I was ready to start Zenergy Massages so I could not only get my clients in when they need it but most important I could truly take care of them they way they deserve. 10 years experience in the industry and I have done many continued education classes to fully customize each massage to my clients specific needs.